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Friday, 19 February 2016 13:42

Flymage Magazine #27

Tras un tiempo de silencio, volvemos con nuevo nº de la Revista Flymage.
Escocia, Argentina, un nuevo y experto montador de streamers de España y la historia tras el famoso #keepemwet. Todo esto en Flymage Magazine #27. Disfrutad y gracias por seguirnos

After a period of silence, we're back with the new issue of Flymage Magazine.
Scotland, Argentina, a new expert fly tier from Spain and the story behind the famous #keepemwet. All this in Flymage Magazine # 27. Enjoy and thanks for following!

Flymage Fly fishing Magazine Issue 27 Cover

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Saturday, 01 August 2015 18:37

Flymage Magazine Fifth Anniversary Issue

Flymage Fly fishing Magazine Fifth Anniversary Issue

Flymage Magazine has just reached its 5th anniversary and we want to celebrate with all of you with a summary of the more than 2500 pages published on fly fishing and photography. A selection of articles that reflects the idea from which this magazine was born.

We want to thank all of our collaborators, fly anglers, fly tiers, photographers, writers, travel agents and brands, who over these five years have helped to shape Flymage, without them it is impossible to generate varied and interesting top quality content.

We thank all readers and followers of the magazine very much indeed. We encourage you to stay with us. From this autumn, a new cycle for the magazine opens. A design change, other proposals, and new ideas but the very essence is unchanged: enjoy our passion for fly fishing. We will continue publishing the magazine in Spanish and English, with free access.

Thank you all!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 11:24

Fly Dreamers, The Global Fly Fishing Network

Interesting story of the beginnings of what is considered the largest social network for fly fishermen, Fly Dreamers.

"The founders of Fly dreamers are Luis San Miguel, a civil engineer, and Nicolás Schwint, a veterinarian. Both have always been bonded by the passion for fly fishing. In late 2010, coming back from a golden dorado fly-fishing trip in Corrientes (Argentina), they had a long talk concerning the lack of conservational activities related to fishing resources. They determined to start a project based in Argentina, but with global reach. They believed that by gathering a skilled team they could create a space to share their view on conservation with other anglers from around the globe..."

*Read more clicking on the image.


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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 18:39

Fly fishing for roosters in Baja

"You may have seen the classic video, “Running Down the Man” which featured the antics of Ben Knight, Travis Rummel and Frank Smethurst chasing down roosterfish with fly rods and a beach buggy. Up until then, the concept of fly fishing for roosters on foot was thought to be pure fantasy. The video inspired a fervor of interest amongst the SWFF community and a whole new industry sprung up over night. Today, tricked out quad bikes with custom made cool boxes, rod holders and rooster decals ply the East Cape Beaches of Baja, Mexico. But I’m a DIY fisherman. I had no quad bike or guide, so covering long desolate stretches of beach on foot in 40 plus degree heat was not feasible, especially for a man my age. What I did have was experience, some patience, and time to wait out the man..."

Read the dramatic story of Ray Montoya with roosters in Baja California clicking on the image. Enjoy!


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Monday, 25 August 2014 16:14

These boots are made for...

... yes walking, wading or spending a whole day sunk in the mud to photograph and film carp fly fishing. If I say I bought about 12 years ago (can not remember) will sound like a joke or advertising message but nothing is further from the truth.

They belong to that kind of materials that last a lifetime. I´ve used during all these years for flats fishing, summer trout, carp and barbel fly fishing, and so... Now flats boots are lighter, more comfortable and modern, but I doubt they could tell the stories behind these mine. These boots are made ​​to last!


Patagonia boots on the flats of Guinea Bissau Bijagos Islands (Africa, 2004)



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Friday, 27 December 2013 12:32

2014 Fly Fishing W(f)ish list

Do you have a W(f)ish list for 2014?

Surely some of the fish that appear in this beautiful fly fishing video trailer (Blood Knot), shot in the Shenandoah Valley, could be on your list, right?

Only three days left for 2014, write your list!

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If not the first (hard to evaluate), is among the best for sure. Claremont Isles in Australia. Saltwater fly fishing!

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 17:24

Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine Issue #21

December issue of Flymage fly fishing magazine is out.

Includes articles on SA Yellowfish, Ascension Bay flats, the "barbel whisperer" and 12 Months/12 Images. 

Enjoy and thanks!


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Saturday, 23 November 2013 11:41

Fly fishing, past and present.

In a changing world, where present eats the recent past and the future is now, it is good to remember the pioneers, explorers and visionaries of what today is fly fishing.

A Kinetic Loop: "A celebration of fly fishing's past and present. An attempt to look at the innovators of today, the pioneers of yesterday, and the similarities and differences that have defined the evolution of the sport over its lifetime."

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